Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator (NSI)


 NSI is the ORIGINAL multi-disciplinary therapy system for rehab. It is designed to offer a host of therapy procedures to a wide range of patients requiring visual or neuro therapy followings: Decelerated/Accelerated closed head injury, Strokes, CVA, Concussion/mTBI, Diffuse Axonal Injury, Whip-lash Injuries, MVA, Neurological Disorders, Vestibular Disorders, Balance Disorders, Upper Extremity Injury &/or spinal cord injury.  

Image of the Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator software and screenshots of the software

NSI utilizes a 50” HDTV touchscreen to offer individualized therapy procedures. This programmable instrument offers procedures to improve pursuits, saccades, eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, speed and span of recognition, visual-vestibular integration, ocular motor skills, visual motor skills and neurocognitive skills. There are 12 categories offering 40 different procedures!


Darkened room with Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator software on tv
Woman in dark room pointing to NSI software on tv screen


Eye Hand Coordination

Saccadic Eye Movments

Custom Eye Tracking

Auditory Visual Timing


Optokinetic Stimulation

Visual Motor

Vestibular Balance

Rotational Eye Exercise

Memory Saccades

Go-No-Go Exercises


Eye Hand Coordination

A host of visual abilities to remediate/enhance eye-hand abilities, including: coordination, visual reaction time, peripheral awareness, central-peripheral therapy, bilateral integration, saccades, visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, visual cognition and divided attention.

Saccade Visual Abilities

Sustained visual attention, saccades, fixation, peripheral awareness, figure-ground, visual search, speed recognition, visual spatial memory, visual acuity, visual cognitive, divided attention, vision-directing action, letter, number and word naming.

Visual Motor

Visual motor integration, bilateral integration, peripheral awareness, central-peripheral integration, visual-auditory, visual form perception, size perception, spatial perception, visual memory, visualization, visual analysis/thinking, saccades, sustained visual attention.

Custom Programs & Recorded Data

Programmable metronome, custom visual and bilateral hand tracking, selectable and customizable parameters for each individual, storage and graphing of an individual’s results/data to monitor progress.

Michigan Chiropractic Neurology Center strives to provide our patients with the most technologically advanced and evidence-based therapies!