Post COVID Symptoms / COVID Long Haulers

With over 40% of the U.S. population having COVID, 1 in 13 have been found to experience Long COVID Symptoms. Long COVID is defined by a patient experiencing symptoms for more than 3 months after infection. According to a recent study, Long COVID symptoms on average, last over 18 months. Unfortunately, for some these symptoms are not small lingering issues, but at times life altering. The symptoms one my experience are vast, some more debilitating issues tend to relate to autonomic dysfunction or dysautonomia. MCNC has been working with Dysatonomia for over a decade and we have a page devoted to it, here. Dysautonomia can often encompass chronic fatigue, respiratory issues, heart rate and blood pressure irregularity and more. Other symptoms associated with COVID are Brain Fog, Chronic Headaches, Migraines, vision issues, balance issues, chronic pain, etc. There have been many theories and proposed mechanism to the cause, with one of the leading factor being an inflammatory attack due to COVID. Many are also unaware that this same response can occur with many other viruses aw well. The attack can cause damage to areas in both the central and peripheral nervous system, central being a patients brain and/or spinal cord, peripheral being anything outside of that. The damage is not uniform, meaning it is different for each individual, which leads to the difficulty in rehabbing the area. Majority of treatment used for post covid patients excludes targeting specific areas of ones nervous system and tend to only target the inflammation. Targeting the inflammation is good, but once the inflammation is under control, how do you rehab the areas damaged? This is where MCNC has been on the forefront of rehabbing post covid patients! 

Diagram of human spine showing nerves exiting the spinal canal

MCNC Approach

Each patient will undergo a detailed initial exam and history, with subsequent treatments after. This initial exam has detailed testing with heavy emphasis on autonomic function due to persistent dysautonomia associated with COVID. Patients vitals are monitored with various task, including a modified tilt table test. RightEye analysis is performed with posturography and physical/neurological testing. These test help the doctor in localizing the areas within the nervous system that are damaged. Not only does it help to localize the area, but aids in knowing the severity of the injury as well. A patients history is also a key role in knowing the severity and areas of the injury. Occasionally, some post COVID still have signs of a present inflammatory issues, which is also addressed in care. 

The Solution

Once the damaged areas of a persons nervous system are localized, treatment begins during the patients next visit or on some occasions during the intial exam.Treatment  can range from weeks to months depending on each individuals severity and present inflammatory condition. If inflammation is still a persistent issue, patients are provided with suggested supplementation and dietary advice. If inflammation is an issues, this often prolongs the time to recovery. In office treatment is catered to each individual based on the areas of the nervous system damaged. For example if patient had damage to the vagus nerve system, they may receive electrical vagual stim, cold laser vagus stim, manual therapy for the vagus nerve related systems  accompanied by home exercises to stimulate  the nerve. This is only a small example of the many different methods we use at MCNC. Once a patient begins treatment many of the testing markers  will be reevaluated  to monitor the progress of a patients recovery. 

Diagram of human thigh showing the sciatica nerves

Additional Conditions

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Key Elements

We combine traditional chiropractic care with the most advanced neurological treatments available in the market to create a customized plan that will maximize your recovery.

All ages are welcome!

Patients of all ages are treated at MCNC: newborns, toddlers, infants, teens, adults and geriatric patients.

Individualize Care

Patients at MCNC receive a custom plan of care based on the needs of each individual.

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