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Learn about the life changing gains patients make at Michigan Chiropractic Neurology Center.  MCNC has been fortunate to make an impact on patients suffering from Post Concussive Symptoms, Post COVID symptoms, Dizziness and much more!

Long COVID Symtpoms Resolved

Patient with multiple Long COVID symptoms and inability to care for her familiy, answers were found!

Post Concussion Symptoms

Years of Post Concussive Symptoms of dizziness, visual issues, dysautonomia and more.

Chronic Motion Sickness

Chronic motion sickness and dizziness resolved. 

Pediatric Care with The Twins

Resolution of poor neck rotation, inability to lay on their stomach or ride ina carseat. 

Hockey Player Post Concussion

A young elite hockey player goes months with no improvement in his post concussive symptoms. After a couple of weeks, noticeable improvement and later a full recovery.

Football Player Post Concussion

After multiple concussion in his senior year of football, this young patient was left with a host of post concussive symptoms. With in office care, there was marked improvement in all issues. 

Balance Problems, Pain, Cognitive Issues and Poor Sleep

After months of not feeling right and having multiple isssues go unresolved, answers were found. 

Chronic Dizziness and Vertigo

Years of dizziness and vertigo resolved with Chiropractic Neurology. 

Chronic Low Back Pain with Numbness and Tingling into the Leg. 

Male patient with chronic pain previously unresposive to physical therapy and chiropractic care. 

Chronic Knee and Foot Pain

After suffering for years with chronic pain the was unresponsive to treatment, answers were found. 

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